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Meet The Moderators


Socrameffets15 is a Moderator for GA and is designated to Team SR. Socrameffets15 is a variety gamer of old and new games. He is a social butterfly and hands down nice guy.


Marcian1411, the marvellous Marcian is our fantastic Mod for Team Queen and an amazing artist. 

GA Pin.png

Buttertuff24 is a Moderator for all of GA and is a super cute and relaxed streamer. she goes through her days with Ark: survival evolved, Detroit: become human, and every once in a while she tickles her own fancy with skylander's and conan exiles!

Meet The Assistant Moderators


MyJacobCat is an Assistant mod for GA. She is a fun DBD(Dead By Daylight) loving rooting tooting kind soul, she LOVES metal music and anime. she does her own art for her channel and she's dang good at it too. An all natural spoopy girl.

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