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Here are the latest articles from Guardian Asylum. Stay tuned for more updates from us.

Guardian Highlights

Huge shout out to wolfeblade2438 a top tier Guardian! They have shown immense commitment to GA. Checkout their Twitch channel.

Huge shout out to pyromatic4720another top tier Guardian! They are a friendly and fun streamer. Checkout their Twitch channel. 

Huge shout out to PeakCriminal another top tier Guardian! They have been a truly supportive member of GA. Checkout their Twitch channel. 

*Please be aware some content is not designed for younger views. Mature content is for the viewing age of 18+.

Streamer News

Podcast Chatter

Calling all guardians, calling all guardians, come one, come all, Ma'am's Sir's Misses and Mister's. This just in, a brand new event is coming soon. The one, the only, Guardian Asylum Podcast Interviews with amazing host RockyTheAmythestRabbit, and some special guest co-host's RuskHimself, CarbonFiberK9, CookinDaBird, and possibly many, many more! Apply today within our discord to be featured in the podcast, it is first come first serve but, everyone will get a turn! There is no time limit to this and we all hope to see your names in the line-up! Once a Podcast Interview is completed it will be uploaded to the wonderful Guardian Asylum Youtube approximately 24 hours after completion, you know because fine print thats why! Don't be shy come on by!

Safety Alert

Please be aware that we have received numerous reports from our members regarding dangerous material involving hackers on Discord. Whilst hackers are nothing new to Discord we have notice a significant increase in their activity. 

These hackers are looking to gain access to your accounts, steal personal data and cause untold havoc amongst yourself and your contacts. Please remain vigilant.

If you receive a friend request, requests to join a game Beta or links in general from people you do not know, do not click them. These are potential threats to your information. If you have not been expecting any new requests we would recommend ignoring them and definitely do not click the links. 

We want to ensure everyone is safe and has awareness of the current situation. If you need to report anything or wish to discuss any thing, please DM a GA staff member. 

Stay safe! 

~ GA Staff

Our newest Podcast with StraightJacketQueen

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