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Safety Alert

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Please be aware that we have received numerous reports from our members regarding dangerous material involving hackers on Discord. Whilst hackers are nothing new to Discord we have notice a significant increase in their activity.

These hackers are looking to gain access to your accounts, steal personal data and cause untold havoc amongst yourself and your contacts. Please remain vigilant.

If you receive a friend request, requests to join a game Beta or links in general from people you do not know, do not click them. These are potential threats to your information. If you have not been expecting any new requests we would recommend ignoring them and definitely do not click the links. Don't forget that you can always check out known scams and hackers in our discord!

We want to ensure everyone is safe and has awareness of the current situation. If you need to report anything or wish to discuss any thing, please DM a GA staff member.

Stay safe!

~ GA Staff

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