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Guardian Asylum Community Guidelines & ARK Rules

ARK Rule: Acceptance, Respect and Kindness.

​Overall Rules

1. Obey ALL Twitch TOS, Discord TOS, agreements on Twitch or Discord, GA Guidelines, and the ARK Rules.

2. No Griefing, Trolling, or Stream Sniping in Games.

3. Respect ALL Community Members.

          ○ Adhere to the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. GA does not tolerate bullying, direct or indirect threats, racism, sexism, or political discussions. Furthermore, please do not link or post any personal information.

          ○ No harassing other members via Direct Messages. Get permission before attempting to have a conversation with them or continuing to message them. If a member makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to contact staff in Direct messages.

          ○ In addition, do NOT argue with GA Mods or Admins. If a Mod or Admins says or does something that you do not agree with, please message another GA Mod or Admin to get the situation resolved. Arguing with a GA Mod or Admin in a Public Chat or Direct Messages will constitute a violation of the ARK Rules.

         ○ If an Elite or Mod messages you, you will be given a timeframe of up to 7 days to respond or the matter will be taken to investigations. You will have up to 24 hours to respond to Staff once a matter is in investigations or you will risk being removed from GA.

     ++GA Staff are exempt from this clause if a message is being sent for the express purpose of official GA business, such as attempting to contact members about rule violations.

4. No Pornographic Material. Adult / NSFW content is not allowed. No Offensive Profile Pictures.
         ○ You will be asked to change your profile image if GA Staff deems that it is inappropriate.

5.  No discussion of drugs or alcohol in any public chat rooms. You may discuss having been drunk or doing a drunk stream but that is all. Minor discussions can be done within #safe-space. See channel description for specifics.


Social Rule

1. Keep Profanity out of the Discord and adhere to streamer channel rules. ​

○ This includes derogatory terms, phrases in English or other languages.

○ This also includes cursing and potentially offensive swear words; i.e. damn .

2. No direct messaging members to ask for support with, but not limited to,: Sponsorship, Bits, Subscriptions, Money, Discord Invites, Viewership, or any other free/paid stuff unless given permission by that person directly. If the Guidelines / ARK Rules are broken, you get ONE infraction. If the Guidelines / ARK Rules are broken a second time you will be removed from the community.

3. Your Name MUST be the Same on Discord and Twitch.

         ○ If your Discord or Website username is different, you can ask a GA Mod or Admin to change your nickname in the GA Discord or Website to match what it is on Twitch.

4. Remain Active in Discord and Twitch.

          ○ We cannot expect everyone to be active every single day, however we do expect consistent activity on Discord. 

          ○ Try to stream at least once a month if you are a Guardian Streamer.

         ○ If you need to take a leave of absence or if you will be gone for an extended period of time (more than one month), please message a GA Mod or Admin.

Discord Rules

​1. No Advertising Other Communities in the GA Discord, except in the designated Socials Channel in GA's Discord.

2. Use Discord Channels for their Intended Purpose.


Twitch Rules

1. Give Fellow GA Streamers a Shoutout.
​          ○ When a fellow GA streamer joins your stream, give them a shoutout. This can be a manual shoutout or an automated one.

2. Must Have a GA Logo Panel on Twitch.
         ○ The panel should contain links to the GA Website and GA Twitch channel.​

Optional Guidelines 

1. Optional: Raid at Least One Fellow GA Streamer Every Week.

          ○ If you stream frequently, try to raid more than once member per month, more if you can and stream often.

2. Optional: Auto Host Fellow GA Streamers
     ○ At your sole discretion, you can auto host fellow GA streamers if there are any streamers you would like to promote on your channel.

3. Optional: Follow Other GA Streamers.
     ○ We strongly advise following other GA streamers so we can all grow as a community. You can use the Team Roster or the GA Website to find links to streamer channels

○ NOTE: Our rule violations tracking system includes both Warnings and Infractions. Warnings are handed out for minor offenses, however if you receive two Warnings then they will function as one Infraction. Infractions are handed out for major rule violations. If you receive two Infractions, or four Warnings, then you will be removed from GA.

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